How can I help?

At the moment, the best thing we can all do is to be responsible and considerate. This includes following measures to make sure we don’t spread the virus, especially to those who are most vulnerable. Not panic buying more food than we need, so that there is enough to go round. Keeping an eye on our neighbours and those closest to us who may be isolated or anxious. There is a lot of misinformation out there, some of it alarming, so be careful what you share and stick to reliable sources (see our Links page). And look after our own wellbeing, while it is tempting to watch the news continuously and speculate, take time out and do other things.

More formal ways of volunteering your time are being developed and organised by different agencies If you want to offer to help, please complete the form on our Offer Help page and we will put you in touch with any requests for help as we hear about them.

You may be part of a group organising a local response – if so we would like to hear who you are and what you are doing, so we can all work together and so we know what help is available for those who need it. We also want to support new groups which are forming in response to the crisis, if you want guidance on how to go about this safely, or just want to be part of a support network of similar groups.

Finally if you know of someone who needs help, please get in touch. South Derbyshire CVS, and the local churches, can collect and deliver shopping or prescriptions. The CVS Food Bank can provide emergency food parcels. Contact us via the Need Help page if you or someone you know needs support.

Look after yourselves and each other. We are a community and we can and will support each other through this.