Update for Local Groups

To all new and existing groups that have registered with us to help communities in need in South Derbyshire at this time – thankyou!! We have emailed out some information and advice to you today – please check your inboxes.

How are we all doing?

Hard to believe how much has changed in the last few weeks.  Like all of you, we at CVS have been working out how we can best support vulnerable people through the current crisis, at a time when we are having to work in new and different ways.

If you as local groups and coordinators, need information or guidance – or if you’re just feeling a bit overwhelmed and want to talk to someone – get in touch and we will try our best to help and support you.  We may not always have the answers to questions, but we will try to find out. Email stronger@sdcvs.org.uk.

Derbyshire Community Response Unit

You can now refer any new requests for help to the Derbyshire Community Response Unit. Details of how to do this are on the Need Help page: https://strongersouthderbyshire.org/need-help/.

It makes sense for all requests for help to go through the CRU, so that all those in need are registered in one place and dealt with consistently. CRU will check eligibility and then share details of anyone eligible who needs community level support to CVS.

How do we operate safely?

Lots of challenges and questions as social distancing measures mean we can’t operate in the usual way.  CVS is part of a national network, NAVCA, and our colleagues all over the country are sharing resources and guidance to groups responding to the crisis. For example, guidance on how to set up informal support groups safely, recruit and screen new volunteers, handle money safely, or deliver services in ways that minimise the risk of spreading the virus.  There are also online training materials and guidelines that you can use to prepare your volunteers.  We are gradually adding these to Resources page: https://strongersouthderbyshire.org/resources-for-groups/.

More general links to NHS, national and local government advice and guidance can be found on the Useful Links page: https://strongersouthderbyshire.org/useful-links/.