Next SDCVS Online Community Forums + Help Us Improve Them!

Our online Community Forums are open to any volunteers in South Derbyshire who are organising and/or coordinating COVID-19 support in their local community or neighbourhood. They offer a chance to chat to each other & our community workers, to share best practice and good ideas as well as any problems or gripes, and to catch up on what’s happening in the local area. If you can’t attend on these dates but would be interested in the future please let us know by emailing

2 July 2020 – Disability

Our next Online Community Forum will take place on Thursday 2 July 2020 at 9.15-9.45am. It will have a focus on disability, specifically learning disability and autism. Tickets will be available until 2pm on 1 July. 

For more information / to book visit:

16 July 2020 – Befriending and Learning from the Covid-19 Response

On Thursday 16 July at 9.15-9.45am, the forum will focus on befriending and learning from the Covid-19 response at CVS and in our neighbourhoods. Tickets will be available until 2pm on 15 July.

For more information / to book visit:

Help us improve our online Community Forums

We have created a short survey to gather feedback on our online Community Forums. You do not have to have attended a forum to take part. As well as anyone that has attended, we would also like to hear from those that would like to attend but have not, for whatever reason. There are 11 questions, all optional and it should only take around 5-10 minutes to complete.

To take the survey visit:

Thank you!