Volunteer Telephone Befrienders wanted! Don’t let loneliness become the ‘new normal’ again

Do you have 30 minutes a week you could spare to telephone someone who is lonely or isolated for a chat?

Ironically, the COVID-19 lockdown meant that many people found they were more supported by friends and family and the community than usual. Now things are returning to normal, that support is dropping off and people are at risk of becoming isolated once again, especially if they are older or have health conditions that mean they can’t get out and about.

One short phone call to look forward to, can brighten up a person’s whole week! One of our service users said that the phone calls they receive ‘keep me going at the moment’.

Can you help? Telephone Elspeth on 07458 304 319 or email connect@sdcvs.org.uk for more information.

Thank you!