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How to find reliable information about CV19

It’s best that you stick to trusted sources of information about the virus, symptoms, treatment, how to stay safe and what you should do if you have symptoms.  There is lots of misinformation out there, some of it well-meaning but inaccurate and some of it alarming. Don’t believe everything you read or see!

Trusted sources might include the NHS, UK Government, and other public authorities such as local councils, the Police, and the World Health Organisation (WHO) for international perspective. Links to some of these can be found below:

Finances and Employment

  • The Stop Loan Sharks helpline service remains open and fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. They encourage not only victims but friends, family members and the wider community to come forward if they suspect someone is suffering at the hands of loan sharks during this difficult time: Their partners – Citizens Advice, Money Advice Service and Stepchange also have information available to help people whose finances have been affected by the current situation.

Gas and Electric

Other Languages

People with animals

  • Blue Cross: Caring for pets during CV19 – Advice from the Blue Cross on a whole range of pet care issues, including dog walking and social distancing, caring for pets while self isolating, accessing veterinary treatment, and ways of keeping pets entertained:
  • Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG) – Guidance for owners on how to look after their pets during the current COVID-19 crisis, including social distancing, if you are self isolating and walking someone else’s dog:


Village Halls

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